Simple Start Steps

Congratulations & welcome to NOWaccount for QuickBooks Online! You are just minutes away from accessing NOWaccount’s client interface that will connect you to all the features and functionality of NOWaccount.

To begin using the NOWaccount payment solution for QuickBooks Online, simply follow the 5 steps below and you will be on your way to growing your business and enjoying a world without A/R!

Step 1 Login: Sign in to NOWaccount for QuickBooks Online here and click on the dark blue “Sign in with Intuit” button. Login using your Intuit credentials.

Step 2 Enable NOW-QuickBooks Sync: In the left hand column, click on “QuickBooks Sync” then “Settings”. On the next screen, click on “Enable NOW-QuickBooks Online Sync” and follow the prompts. Review pages 12 & 13 of the Quick Start page on this site.

Step 3 Add Customers from QuickBooks to NOWaccount: Once the online sync is active, click on the dark blue “Go to Customer Matching” button on the right & select which QuickBooks customers you would like to add to NOWaccount. Review pages 13 & 14 of the Quick Start page.

Step 4 Request Credit On Added Customers: After adding customers, check back in the NOWaccount app 24 hours later, click on “Credit Request” in the left menu, choose a customer and enter a credit request. Please enter the amount you expect to invoice the customer in the next 3 months. Complete this step for each customer you added. Once the credit request is reviewed, you will receive a credit decision ticket via email. Don’t worry – you can always request additional capacity for each customer in the future as you grow your business with them.

Once we notify you via email that your customer is approved, change the remittance address on all invoices in QuickBooks Online for that customer to the information below. We recommend creating a custom form in QuickBooks which contains our remittance information for customers you added to NOWaccount (review pages 4-10 of the Quick Start guide). It’s important that your customer sends payment directly to the address or account below even though they will still issue payment in your name.

Remittance information for customers who pay via a paper check:

Your Company Name
PO Box 13129
Atlanta, GA 30324

Remittance information for customers who pay via ACH or bank transfer:

Your Company Name
Bank Name: Suntrust Bank
Account #: 1000170697964
ABA Routing: 061000104

Invoice Processing: When you generate an invoice in QuickBooks Online for the customers that you have selected, the app will automatically send a copy of the invoice to NOWaccount for processing. Payment is made via ACH within 5 days and the correct accounting entries are made in your chart of accounts within QuickBooks Online. These functions occur automatically when you generate the invoice. Note, your first submission will take longer than our normal timeframe as we complete the enrollment process.

Enrollment Forms: Complete and return the enrollment forms that were emailed to you so that we can complete the enrollment process. You can fax it to us at 404-835-5111, or scan and email to Notary Signature is not required. The $35 monthly service fee mentioned in our MSA will be waived. Please note, full activation of your NOWaccount is subject to final approval once we receive and process your enrollment forms.